Athletics & Activities

OOO High School is looking to create extracurricular activities that allow students the opportunity to grow as young adults outside the classroom. We anticipate having a diverse array of arts programs, athletic teams, and clubs so that every student has the chance to get involved in an activity.

We are looking for directors for all performing arts below:
Band Director
Chorus Director
Dance Teacher
Drama Teacher

We are also looking to fill coaching staffs for the following sports:
Fall – Bowling (coed), Cheerleading (coed), Cross Country (Boys/Girls), Football, Golf (Boys/Girls), Swimming and Diving (Coed), Volleyball (Girls), 
Winter – Basketball (Boys/Girls), Soccer (Boys/Girls), Weightlifting (Girls), Wrestling (Boys)
Spring – Baseball (Boys), Flag Football (Girls), Lacrosse (Boys/Girls), Softball (Girls), Tennis (Boys/Girls), Track & Field (Boys/Girls), Volleyball (Boys), Weightlifting (Boys)

If you are interested in applying or learning more about any of the above programs, please email Mr. Clawson ([email protected])